Easy to apply coverings

Easy to apply coverings

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The ease of installing a floor covering or a wall covering is one of the most important selection criteria when you decide to revamp your interior yourself. The new decorating trend should delight budding DIY enthusiasts because the manufacturers have planned everything. To be glued, self-adhesive, clip-on, to be placed with a roller, the coverings can be installed in a jiffy. And in addition, they are beautiful! Here are easy-to-install coatings that are sure to win you over.

Do-it-yourself vinyl siding

Among the stars of current materials, vinyl siding is all the rage. Offering good walking comfort, it can be placed in any room in the home. The new collections make it a trendy product capable of integrating into all atmospheres, whether it is chosen in self-adhesive tiles, in rolls, or in tiles. PVC tiles, comfortable and inexpensive, are easy to maintain. They are suitable for all substrates such as cement, tiles, flooring and many others. Adhesive, they require no glue and can be installed without any difficulty. On the aesthetic level, they won many votes because they fit perfectly into any interior, classic, retro, or contemporary. The composite mineral slabs offer resistance to any test and are suitable for any room. Varied in size, they mimic the tiles and come in a substantial range of plain or patterned colors. Their ease of installation is an undeniable asset. The roll covering represents, like the other versions of vinyl floors, an appreciable acoustic insulator. It is a coating that is easy to install on any support because it does not require any leveling or glue. Resistant to impact, it can be offered in a non-slip version ideal in a kitchen and bathroom. It imitates wood as well as marble, mosaic, floor or tile and is suitable for all styles.

Floating floors

Parquet laid by assembly is called floating parquet. It is therefore much easier to lay than solid parquet to be nailed on joists. Floating installation requires no nails, screws, or glue. For optimum comfort, it is better to prefer floating floors with an underlay that provides good sound insulation. This type of easy-to-install flooring is available in softwood particle board. Another variation is the composite coating, in laminate, to be clipped but whose name "parquet" is improper. Whether wooden parquet or composite material, they are aesthetic, and fit into all universes. Their palette of colors, patterns and structures is substantial.

Easy to install wallcoverings

In plaster or in reconstituted stone, the facing plates are easily placed on the walls to which they adhere thanks to an adhesive mortar. They give style to the interior decoration and adapt particularly well to design atmospheres. The paneling, always in tune with the times, takes on color to integrate into all universes, rustic or contemporary. There are tinted or raw wood to paint, as well as PVC. PVC slats are now available in different widths for a more modern look. Easy to install, the paneling simply sticks to the wall. Finally, decorative coating effect paint is particularly suitable for all creatives. It is perfect whatever style you want. To be applied with a roller and then surfaced as desired, the decorative coating is one of the stars of the moment. Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos