50 euros to energize your office

50 euros to energize your office

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Want to breathe new life into your office? Note that with a budget of 50 euros, you can bet on a few accessories that will change the decor in the blink of an eye. Here is our "shopping list".

50 euros for office accessories

To change the decor of your office, first think of renewing the small accessories that compose it. To sort your papers on the desk, treat yourself to a banner worthy of the name in a color that will brighten up the whole. Likewise, choose an attractive pencil holder in a bright color or in a design shape to decorate your desk. You can also treat yourself to a nice clipboard or desk pad to dress up the space.

50 euros for a wall decoration

What can make the difference in your office? The wall decoration! We put on accessories that allow both to give style and to organize. For this, we choose a very large collage that allows to pin documents to keep on hand but also some photos that are important to you. Also think about the planning to hang on the wall to have a global vision of the tasks to be accomplished.

50 euros for good lighting

For an office that is both comfortable and decorative, we also count on lighting. With 50 euros, you can therefore offer yourself a desk lamp worthy of the name. For example, we adopt an articulated model that will allow lighting to be oriented as needed. In terms of decoration, you can choose between a colorful model or a more industrial look. Our practical decoration videos


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