Hook: learn the net stitch

Hook: learn the net stitch

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The net stitch is an openwork knitting stitch. Before moving on to making it, make sure you have a good handle on making a bridle. 1. Start with the news: 737421 make a chain by counting a number of meshes multiple of three to which you add five stitches in the air to make the first mesh. Then make a yarn over in the eighth stitch and make the first double crochet.
2. Make two new air stitches and make a yarn in the first row three stitches to the left of the previous yarn. Make a bridle, then repeat the same operation until the end of the row.
3. When you have finished a row, turn the piece and make five chain stitches.
4. Make a first double crochet on the double crochet from the lower row, then continue to the end of the row making as before two new stitches, one yarn over three stitches to the left of the previous yarn, then a double crochet.
5. You thus obtain a net point, the size of which you can adapt by repeating the two previous steps.


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