French publisher Mustache enters the museum

French publisher Mustache enters the museum

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The French furniture publisher Mustache opens the doors of the Museum of Decorative Arts and settles in with the permanent collections. A great opportunity to retrace your exceptional journey. Promising beginnings The Mustache editor has established itself on the design scene in just a few years. Founded in April 2009 by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio, the company has never departed from the rule it had imposed itself at the beginning: to publish innovative furniture at affordable prices. Being in the breach between standardization and high-end, with the primary desire to offer above all objects or lasting furniture that will bequeathed to future generations, Mustache calls on designers who share the same convictions. And it works ! The young publisher offers a beautiful collection of character that has become essential in the world of design and works with renowned designers like Matali Crasset, François Azambourg or Inga Sempé. A consecration Already present at Moma, the French publisher has recently been admitted to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. 5 objects from its catalog therefore join pieces as emblematic as the Tube Chair by Joe Colombo and the chaise longue by Charlotte Perriand. A sophisticated selection that definitely establishes its reputation. You will be able to discover the famous Vapeur Lamp by Inga Sempé, the Bold chair designed by Big-Game or the Petite Gigue chair by François Azambourg, just like The Cave lamp by Benjamin Graindorge. And as the curators of the Museum of Decorative Arts indicate, Mustache "participates in the culture of French arts, it was normal to find it at the Museum". website:


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