Couture video: making a beehive

Couture video: making a beehive

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Do you want some fantasy in your wardrobe? Are you looking for a solution to give volume to a garment, while maintaining its elegance? The ruching is the finish you need! Jeanne Kolifrat, trainer and designer at Piquécoud, shares her secret to making a big splash.

Watch the video

Sew the ruching

To make a beehive, you need a news tape: 739845 fabric three times the length you measured on the garment, and a sewing machine. Tear the news tape: 739845 fabric: the torn appearance is important for the final rendering of the ruching. Place one end of your actu: 739845 fabric strip in the machine, and place the foot in the middle of this end. Fold the news: 739845 fabric on itself, like a wave, then sew this wave. Repeat the operation all along the actu: 739845 fabric strip to obtain a ruching.

Some pro tips

If you cannot sew in the middle of the fabric strip, you can help yourself by drawing a center line beforehand, this will serve as a guide. Use an update: 739845 fabric that stands, but allows sewing easily. Polyester, for example, is suitable for making a ruching. The ruching is suitable for a collar as well as for the wrists.

Fix the beehive

Once your beehive is finished, fix it in the place provided. To do this, pin it and then sew several stitches on the spot where you pinned. Always finish by passing the needle through the loop several times to tie the knot. The advice of Jeanne Kolifrat will undoubtedly help you to create a nice beehive. Watch the Couture video: making a splash on Produced by Minute Facile.


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