White, black, pink and wood make eye to copper

White, black, pink and wood make eye to copper

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The copper resurfaces in decoration. Naturally present under our feet for millennia, this metal which is also called "red metal" is usually used for construction, sculpture but also for making cooking utensils. Its resistance makes it one of the oldest materials used by man. And this, since prehistoric times, that's to say! Born from a chemical reaction, which gives it its pretty salmon-pink color, it has thus seduced our interiors. Especially appreciated in the 1920s for its more discreet hue than gold, it stands out from the cupboards with the advent of the Art Deco style. We thus find it this season on walls, objects and textiles. Also, find out how to combine it with other colors.

Copper and pink, a beautiful story in perspective

Put aside the old copper pots hanging above the fireplace and instead adopt copper in a contemporary version thanks to purely decorative objects. And to give them a case worthy of the name, paint your room in pink. The naturally pinkish tint of copper will be enhanced by the presence of pink on the walls for a resonance of tones. Powdery rose, sugared almonds, or cherry trees will bring out the beauty of copper. Ideal for gourmet cuisine or a highly decorative living room!

Black goes so well with copper

Bring out the exceptional shine of copper by combining it with black. Preferably mat to compare the finishes of materials and strengthen the colors of each, you can for example opt for a superb copper pendant lamp and apply a coat of black paint on your walls. The combination of black, which has been in vogue lately with copper, very popular, will give you one of the most crisp interiors of the moment. Reserve this assemblage visually, to monumentalize an entry or to dramatize a dining room.

Copper and white in all modesty

As you already knew, white goes well with all colors of the chromatic spectrum but also with all materials. Also, choosing white to coordinate copper is almost zero risk. Perfect, if you still hesitate! The sobriety of white combined with the more luxurious aspect of copper offers a contrast effect of the greatest effect. For example, in the immaculate white kitchen, adopt copper on the wall as a splashback. Guaranteed success!

Copper coordinates with wood for a more than perfect harmony!

Another successful association with copper is to marry it with wood. A clear preference for slightly brown wood such as dark oak, rosewood or even cherry. The dark color of the wood enhances the luster of the copper and warms its appearance. On a living room, dining room table or a Scandinavian row, position several copper objects and let the charm of the materials work! Our practical decoration videos