Should all the radiators be purged?

Should all the radiators be purged?



Answer: yes, to improve the functioning of the radiators.

Yes, it may be necessary to bleed the radiators to eliminate air bubbles and improve their operation. If your radiators no longer heat in the upper part, you will know that it is time to purge them. Be aware that recent installations sometimes have an automatic mechanism that takes care of everything, in this case you have nothing to do. But how do you do otherwise? First, you need to turn off the central heating, then wait until all the radiators are cool. At the top of the radiator (s) you wish to drain is a small tap, place a container underneath and open it. You will hear a distinct hiss, it is the air which escapes with a little water. Wait a few seconds, then close the tap. The purge is finished! It is often necessary to add water to the circuit in order to replace the air thus expired.

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