Mistakes to Avoid with the Star Pattern

Mistakes to Avoid with the Star Pattern

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The stars are no longer confined solely to Christmas decorations. On the contrary, after noticing them in fashion, they spin off in the decor. curtain rugs, cushions, wallpaper, stickers, bed linen and even dishes are delightfully seduced by their simple and very identifiable shape. Find out how to adopt them without a decorative slip to avoid the Christmas tree effect. Let's go !

Mistake number 1: playing the total star look

Multiplying the stars endlessly in your decor can quickly tire you. That is why it is best to book them in one room of your house. His favorite place? Children's room. But rest assured adults also have the right to their lucky stars. A word of advice, however, choose a single star object or even two at the most. Too much of it, you risk falling into redness. Cushions, table runners, garlands are displayed without complex but by keys only!

Mistake number 2: not having fun with the dimensions of the stars

When you multiply the stars, the best is to play on the different sizes of patterns. In XXL and XXS versions, they stand out more. Otherwise, your eye will no longer distinguish the stars! Too much will spoil your effect. For example, garnish your bed with small star pattern cushions and place a cushion with a large star in the center. Guaranteed effect!

Mistake number 3: do not book the stars in the children's room

The star motif is particularly installed in the toddlers' bedroom. Bed linen, cushions, carpets, curtains are decorated with stars. Of all colors, they are mainly invited in pink and gold in little girls while little guys will prefer them in blue and red or even in gray.

Mistake number 4: don't use soft colors with stars

The stars in decoration are displayed mainly in soft colors. Pink, blue, gray, gold, silver, beige, white will delight them and strengthen their poetic side. Reserve their colors more evocative of the holiday season, such as green and red, at Christmas time.

Mistake number 5: not adopting the stars

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of stars in your decor. Fairytale and enchanting, they evoke the sky and the infinite. Sparkling and adorable, they are discreetly suited to all decor styles. No need to do tons, just a star here and there, will be enough to establish the style.

Mistake number 6: avoid mixing stars with other patterns

The stars don't really like other designs. This is why in your interior avoid associating several forms of patterns between them. Stripes, peas, flowers are to be used sparingly. Also, we advise you to reserve an exclusive positioning for the stars so as not to fall into the over dose of patterns. Our practical decoration videos for teenagers


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