Is it advisable to install parquet in a bathroom?

Is it advisable to install parquet in a bathroom?

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Answer: it is possible provided you choose the right wood.

A priori, wood and water do not necessarily go well together. But, it is quite possible to lay parquet in your bathroom if you wish! Ideally, exotic woods should be used, which are inherently more resistant to moisture. By way of example, mention may be made of teak, bamboo or rosewood. You can also use traditional local wood such as ash or poplar, but it will require special treatment to make it waterproof. In particular, a colorless sealant must be applied over the entire periphery and even between the boards to avoid water infiltration. In addition, the only pose that is really suitable for a humid room is the glued pose, with a polyurethane adhesive. Finally, whatever the type of parquet, it is strongly advised not to leave standing water on your bathroom parquet! video id = "0" / Our practical bathroom videos