In the office of… Louis Albert de Broglie alias Mr Deyrolle and the Prince Gardener

In the office of… Louis Albert de Broglie alias Mr Deyrolle and the Prince Gardener

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Despite his old France side, Louis Albert de Broglie is an avant-garde. Gardeners are in fashion, he has been before everyone else, leaving a career as a banker to find himself at the head of an estate he bought in 1992, and launching a collection under the name of the Prince gardener, as his friends nicknamed him.

From bank to farm

Before that he had taken the trouble to travel, discovered India which he calls his second country and understood that the future of the planet depends on sustained attention to the earth. This is why, a chateau hotel later (La Bourdaisière en Touraine), as well as a tomato conservatory (offering 650 varieties) and a legendary store (the famous Deyrolle), we find him passionate about a new project: an exemplary farm which reconcile people with the ecosystem.

The model farm of the future

This idea of ​​model farm, he has been thinking about it for several years, and will have finalized it in the spring. Imagining yourself a farmer is a dream cherished by many young and old. Thanks to its concept, it is useless to acquire thousands of hectares, to go into debt for agricultural equipment or a cattle herd. The farm of tomorrow will be a small structure, (1000m2) on the principle of permaculture, an agriculture which is inspired by natural ecosystems to tend towards the absence of waste. He designed a management "toolbox" for this, validated by scientists and sponsored by institutions such as INRA, which will ultimately offer training.

In the old Delacroix workshop

Swarming with ideas, Louis Albert de Broglie begins to explain the concept of his firm model in front of the butterflies at Deyrolle. And continue by training two steps away, Place Furstenberg, where the company's offices are located and a confidential shop called the Palais Furst. Overlooking the courtyard, the place is steeped in history since it is the former workshop of the painter Delacroix. From the window, unusual objects (mixture of all its universes) challenge, but this is nothing compared to what we discover in the other rooms, the last of which is his fief, blue of the southern seas irresistible.

A happy shambles

Louis Albert de Broglie's offices have everything from Ali Baba's cave, each room of which is intimately linked to his life. The charred-haired tiger is a survivor of the fire that devastated Deyrolle a few years ago. The vast round table is made of a tree from his property. A chair made of radiator tubes is an artist's work, while another equally artistic but anonymous comes from Haiti, reported after the disaster of the cyclone. We could talk about shambles in the good sense of the word. An ideal place to travel without moving, learning and being amazed.

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